Muay Thai Shorts KING GREEN CAMO

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These Thai trunks are made of COTTON with satin stitched inside waistband and legs to reduce friction. These shorts can be used for Thai, Kickboxing and other martial arts.
Measurements: Waist (Jeans size). Length (measured in inches from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the outside leg

A 11.8''-16.1'' 30-41cm 12.2''-16.9'' 31-43cm 13''-18.9'' 33-48cm
B 13.4'' 34cm 14.2'' 36cm 15'' 38cm
C 13'' 33cm 13.4'' 34cm 15'' 38cm
D 11'' 28cm 11.8'' 30cm 11.8'' 30cm


A 13.8''-20.5'' 35-52cm 14.6''-21.7'' 37-55cm
B 16.5'' 42cm 16.9'' 43cm
C 15.7'' 40cm 17.3'' 44cm
D 12.6'' 32cm 13.4'' 34cm